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Student Financial Services: Payment Plans
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Students may elect to pay their tuition and fees through a payment plan. A payment plan is a method to split your bill into equal monthly payments for the remainder of the term. Payment plans do not carry over between terms and must be established for each billing term. Payment plans can only be set up for the active term and for the active term’s balance. Students may sign up for a payment plan at any point in the term prior to the third installment due date (or second installment due date for summer-term payment plans). There is a $45 fee to sign up for each payment plan. Students enrolled in a payment plan with a credit or debit card will be charged a service fee of 2.85% for each transaction. Students enrolled in a payment plan with a bank account will not be charged a service fee for transactions. Payment-plan installment dates are listed in the table below.

Payment Plan Installment Dates


Summer 2023 Term

Fall 2023 Term

Spring 2024 Term

Installment #1 Due Date

June 15

September 15

February 16

Installment #2 Due Date

July 14*

October 13

March 15

Installment #3 Due Date

August 15

November 15*

April 15*

Installment #4 Due Date


December 15

May 15

*Deadline to enroll in a payment plan for the term

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