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Resident Job Description
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Apprentice Teacher with Resident Advisor

Residents need to spend a portion of every day in their RAs’ classrooms as an observer, apprentice teacher, or co-teacher, depending on the gradual on-ramp. This will provide residents with several important opportunities to:

  • Develop relationships with a group of PK–12 students and their families
  • Observe and learn from the RA, who will model strong teaching
  • Instruct small groups to support all learners
  • Assist with grading and feedback for all students
  • Co-teach with the resident advisor
  • Practice specific teaching skills in a classroom setting and receive feedback 

Gradual On-Ramp Aligned Teaching

The metaphor of a gradual on-ramp implies that residents should gradually take on increased ownership of whole-class instruction. Fulfilling gradual on-ramp aligned teaching responsibilities throughout the year is a critical part of the job description to ensure readiness for full-time teaching. Above all, residents should proactively and positively communicate and self-advocate to ensure there are ample, appropriate teaching opportunities. 

School Support

Residents will be fully present members of a school community; like everyone else in the building, they will pitch in to serve students and advance the school’s mission. Across a given week and a given year, this means providing structured support and maintaining flexibility with school-specific changes or unforeseen events to ensure PK–12 students meet their goals.

Residents can provide the school with support by:

  • Teaching intervention blocks by subject or ongoing phonics or guided-reading instruction 
  • Pulling students to pre-teach or remediate critical concepts, as appropriate 
  • Tutoring individual students 
  • Coordinating school activities like “brain breakfast” or a rewards program
  • Providing strategic support, teaching “specials” classes such as research, computer science, physical education, or art
  • Leading clubs or extracurricular activities
  • Limited in-house substitute teaching
  • Leading homerooms or small-group advisories
  • Supervising during morning, lunch, dismissal, or after school
  • Providing organizational support by organizing materials or assessments (though this should not be more than 10% of their jobs)

Personal Learning and Development

A critical part of a resident’s job is to learn and develop as a teacher. This is sacred and protected. This professional learning can include:

  • Attend school and network professional development
  • Attend all Relay classes, complete all assignments, and be in good standing
  • Weekly 30–60-minute check-ins with resident advisor and/or coach to name learning goals, review lessons, and discuss support for the upcoming week
  • Initiate learning and development in the teaching profession
  • Build deep content expertise
  • Maintain strong performance in their role and adjust accordingly as needed

It is Relay’s hope that residents find great success with their current school partner and position. Residents are expected to complete their entire residency year at one school to ensure consistency in the residency experience and to build strong relationships with students. If a resident is thinking of making a change to their program or position (e.g., major change, residency/traditional MAT program change, change to a different school site, withdrawal, or taking a leave of absence), they should contact their faculty advisor right away, as this may have implications for programmatic completion, certification/licensure, and Relay tuition. 

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