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Submission Requirements
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All assessment due dates and times are posted on Canvas, Relay’s learning management system. These due dates are posted on each course calendar as well as on the syllabus. They also appear on the right-hand side of course home pages when assessments are upcoming.

Students should complete required assignments (e.g., readings, discussion boards, assessments, application tasks, reflection journals, observations, etc.) by the posted due date to be able to fully engage in classes and receive ongoing feedback from faculty and peers. Only coursework completed before the close of the term will be counted toward a student's final grade in the course. 


File Naming

Relay students should follow the directions on the assessment page. All file submissions should be named as Last Name_First Initial_Course_Assignment. For example, if Sam Jackson were submitting a final assessment for EDU 501, the file upload would be titled: Jackson_S_EDU501_Final. 

Correct and Complete Content

Assessments and assignments submitted incorrectly (e.g., a video submitted via email, in the wrong format, containing the wrong footage) or incompletely (e.g., a 500-word reflection that cuts off mid-sentence at 150 words) will be assessed as submitted and could affect the overall grade. If a faculty member identifies incorrect or incomplete submissions, they will notify the student. Students have one business day from the time of the notification to submit the file correctly. After one business day, the instructor may grade the assessment as submitted.

Clarity in Writing

It is important that students submit written assignments that convey their meaning with clarity and precision so that faculty and other readers can easily follow their line of reasoning. Writing errors may change or cloud the meaning of written work, which may negatively affect a student’s grade on the assignment. Students should proofread and edit their work carefully before submitting it so that the work embodies conventions of academic writing and the APA citation style. The Relay Library includes resources such as an APA citation guide and books to aid students with clarity and precision in writing.

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