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edTPA Originality/Plagiarism Policy
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This policy applies to students enrolled in programs leading to educator certification/licensure in Connecticut and Illinois.

During official scoring by Pearson, portions of a teacher candidate’s submitted edTPA materials are screened for originality by official scorers and detection software. Portfolios are identified for Administrative Review if screening indicates a match of identical or similar language with other sources, including previously submitted portfolios. If the reviewers are unable to confirm the originality of any part of the submission, all scores related to the portfolio under review will be voided and the candidate will be ineligible for a refund of assessment fees. 


Prior to the voiding of scores, candidates are given an opportunity to provide information, other than the portfolio materials submitted for official scoring, that may support the originality of the candidate’s submitted materials. After reviewing information provided by the candidate and after considering the final recommendation of the Administrative Review committee, Pearson or the state authority may determine to either exit the portfolio from Administrative Review to proceed to official score reporting or to void all scores related to that submission.


Information provided by a candidate as part of an appeal may be shared with the state licensing agency and/or Educator Preparation Program (e.g., Relay) for additional investigation.

If edTPA scores are voided as a final determination of the Administrative Review process, the candidate, the state agency, and Relay will be notified of the score void via email. The flagged and source materials that were reviewed as part of the investigation may also be provided to the relevant state agency depending on state policy.*


If a Relay student’s edTPA scores are voided due to originality, the student will be required to meet with their advisor to confirm or contest within 15 business days of receiving notification of the score void from Pearson. Their advisor will take their case to the Licensure Exam Preparation department chair, who will have the final decision on whether their case warrants the terms outlined in Relay’s academic honesty and collaboration policy.


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