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4 - How do I apply to Relay? What is Relay’s admissions process?
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  1. Visit Relay’s website.
    • Click “Apply Now” to learn about Relay’s programs and the admissions process. 
  2. Fill out an interest form.
    • Sharing the location and program specifics you are interested in will allow the Prospective Student Advising team to reach out and create a unique application link for you to begin the admissions process.
  3. Create an application on Relay’s admissions portal.
    • Enter your name, email address, and birthdate.
    • You’ll receive an email within an hour that contains a link to activate your application and a temporary pin.
    • Click on the link within that email and enter the temporary pin to start your admissions process.
  4. Submit your application and admissions & enrollment requirements.
    • Please read the “Instructions” section carefully.
    • Tell us about your prior education and background.
    • Upload your resume and answer a short essay.
    • Add an email address for one recommender.
    • Here are some helpful tips to assist you as you complete your admissions process:
      • In some cases, your response to a question may determine what questions you will be asked next.
      • Once you click “Continue” at the bottom of each page in the application, the system will automatically save the information you have entered. You can use your username and password to log back in and resume the application at any time.
      • Use the navigation pane on the left side to preview questions in other sections.
      • Unless a question is marked as "Optional," all questions on the application are required. When you reach the "Review" page, the application will automatically identify any questions you may have missed and prompt you to answer them before you submit.
  5. Satisfy all items on your Admissions & Enrollment Requirements checklist.
    • After you submit your application (part 1), you will receive an email within an hour asking you to satisfy your remaining requirements (part 2).
    • During Part 2, you will be asked to complete the following items on your admissions checklist:
      • Program & Instructional Role Form
      • Awards & Scholarships Form
      • Student Logistics Form
      • Bachelor's Degree Transcript Policy
    • In addition, some applicants may see Basic Skills requirements that may live on their admissions or extended admissions checklist
    • Extended admissions checklist items are items required for admissions to Relay, however, you have a longer time period to satisfy these items, typically until October 1, 2020. (Note: you should look at the instructions on each item to learn when it is due)
  6. Ensure Relay receives all your official transcripts.
  7. Monitor your Status Page.
    • Relay will review your application after you complete all your admissions and enrollment requirements (including your online application, transcripts, and recommendations).
    • We’ll email you once your admissions decision is ready when you can log back in to (hopefully!) accept your offer. If we have questions during our review, we’ll email you too.
  8. Sign your enrollment agreement(s).
    • If you are considered for admission here at Relay, you will be sent an email notifying you to review your admissions decision. In your admission decision, you are asked to review your enrollment agreement(s). 

    • Applicants may have 2 enrollment agreements ("here and here") listed if seeking both an MAT degree program and EPP certification/licensure.
    • We ask that you review your enrollment agreement to verify your program details. If this information is correct, you can either accept or decline your offer.  If this information is incorrect we ask that you DO NOT accept your offer and send an email to [email protected] to notify them of this error. Please note, that updating the information can take up to 3-5 business days.

Don't be afraid to ask! Please email us or schedule an office hours appointment if you have questions at any point during the admissions process.

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