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How do I apply for institutional need-based aid?
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Institutional aid at Relay may include scholarships awarded based on need and can vary in amounts and availability by academic year. These annual awards are released in three even disbursements, at the start of the summer, fall, and spring terms. Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive need-based aid. Students awarded an external scholarship, education award, school-based sponsorship, or other tuition payment support will be deprioritized for those with the most need. 


To request need-based aid, students must complete one of the following applications:

For US Citizens and Eligible Non-Citizens

For Ineligible Non-Citizens and International Students

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or Student Aid Index (SAI) will be used to evaluate need-based aid. Students will be notified with an updated Financial Aid Offer of any need-based aid awarded. Students initially awarded need-based aid who receive external tuition support may have their need-based aid removed.

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