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How can I review my certificate application status on TEACH?
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While enrolled in Relay GSE New York, all students are expected to work towards receiving an issued Transitional B certificate. This licensure leads towards certification for an Initial and ultimately a Professional certificate, which students are eligible for after they graduate from the program.

As you apply for your certificates during the several stages of your certification journey, you can track the certificate application status directly on your TEACH account. Please review the information below on how to review your certificates and their statuses on TEACH, and what the different application statuses represent. 


How to review your certificate application(s):

  • Log on to your TEACH online account
  • Once on the TEACH Online homepage, navigate to the "Account Information" page
  • Once on the Account Information page, select "Certificates" from the box of options and press the blue "Go" button next to the box
  • Your certificate application(s) will appear at the bottom of the page

How to review your certificate application status:

  • Click “View Evaluation History” on the certificate application 
  • Next, click the most recent action (ex: received college recommendation)
  • Another window will open up, listing your “met” and “ummet” requirements
  • Some items might have comments left by the TEACH evaluator. View those comments to help you determine the next steps
  • If there is a delay with the issuance of your certificates or you believe there is a discrepancy with your application(s), you can email TEACH directly at [email protected] 
  • If you need support navigating your TEACH account, application status, etc., you can email [email protected].  Please include a screenshot of your TEACH account to direct us to the specific question you have

What each TEACH Application Statuses means: Once you apply for a certificate on TEACH, you may see your application has one of many statuses. 

    • Not Ready for Review: Your application is not currently in line for review. One of the following may be required: Payment, College Recommendation (from Relay), Transcripts missing
    • Ready for Review: Your application is in line to be reviewed. Applications on TEACH are evaluated in the order they reach “Ready for Review” status.  Applications can take up to 16 weeks to process.
    • Review Complete Pending Information: An evaluation of your TEACH application has revealed that some information is missing or a deficiency in the application has been found.  Upon receipt of new documentation, your application will go back into the “Ready for Review” status and can take up to 16 weeks to process.
    • Evaluation Complete - Pending Final Review: An evaluation of your TEACH application has been completed, and all requirements have been met. The status will change to “Issued” after the TEACH system completes a final review overnight if there are no pending actions in TEACH.  Pending actions include:  pending a name change request, pending Social Security Number change request, OSPRA hold for fingerprinting.
    • Issued: The certificate for which you applied has been issued.
    • Disapproved: Your application has been manually evaluated twice, and it was determined you did not meet the requirements for the certificate for which you applied.  THe application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Expired: Your certificate has expired. The certificate can no longer be used for employment in a New York State public school.
    • Review Not Complete: An evaluator has completed an initial review and is holding the application for further review.
    • Revoked/Surrendered/Suspended: The certificate has been revoked, surrendered or suspended. 
    • Withdrawn: The applicant has requested that the application be withdrawn or the Office of Teaching initiatives staff have withdrawn the application based on other evaluations.
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