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What is the Relay GSE mobile app? What are its benefits?
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The Relay GSE mobile app is Relay’s first dedicated mobile app. 


Designed for students, it provides access to the following from a single app, from the convenience of their mobile device:

  • Student-specific content, including (Note - the following is only available for students in 2.0 programming)
    • Class schedule
    • Course quizzes, discussions, announcements
    • Account holds
  • MyApps from within the mobile app that allows students to 
    • View financial aid info, balances, and make payments
    • Access student email and all other Relay applications like the Relay Library or My Checklists
  • Information about Relay Organizations & Events
  • Important dates, updates, and announcements, like financial aid, term and census dates
  • Direct access to Relay student resources, including: 
    • The Support Center and Support@ email 
    • Relay websites and information most relevant to students

Additional benefits of using the Relay GSE mobile app include:

  • Centralized Information: Instead of searching across multiple websites, flyers and boards, we've rolled everything a student needs to be successful into one place: their phone. 
  • A Personalized Experience: The app uses a recommendation engine with built-in machine learning capability to suggest targeted events, services, and content to students within the app. A personalized user experience means students will always see the most relevant content. 
  • Real-time Access to Critical Academic Info: Integrations with the app enable real-time access to all of the critical academic tools, including courses, discussions, and grades. 
  • A Smooth User Experience: The Relay App provides a dedicated mobile experience, which allows students to access content designed for mobile devices and to take advantage of mobile device features, such as push notifications and touch screen navigation
  • Reminders to Manage Deadlines: Staying on top of multiple deadlines can be challenging enough and email-reminders just add to the clutter. With targeted My Relay Portal and Canvas-triggered push-notifications, students receive reminders, alerts and critical notifications in real-time, directly on their mobile device.
  • Seamless Security: Rather than making students click through or log into multiple sites, single-sign on integration ensures security as they navigate the platforms necessary for their education experience. 

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