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For students affected by Hurricane Beryl or other natural disasters, please reach out to your advisor for any needed support. Note that power outages due to extreme weather falls within our excused absence policy. Students can also access additional support through
Relay's Student Assistance Program.
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Where do I sign up for office hours to speak with Relay staff?
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Thank you for your interest in talking with the staff at Relay. We are committed to helping you.

Student Affairs and Student Services Teams 

Please click the link on the team name to schedule a meeting with a Student Services team.  

  • Student Financial Services (SFS) can answer questions on student tuition, billing, financial aid, payment plans, financial holds on your accounts, and other student financial questions. Office hours are also available in Spanish.
  • Prospective Student Advising (PSA) can answer questions about admissions policies, applying to Relay, the status of your application materials, transcripts you have submitted to Relay, and other questions about admissions and enrollment at Relay. Office hours are also available in Spanish.
  • The Registrar’s Office (RO) can answer questions about your Relay enrollment status, courses and registration, registrar forms, major switches, employment next steps, readmissions/transfers, and other student enrollment/registrar questions at Relay.  You can access many of the forms you need from the registrar at this link, Relay's Registrar Forms 
  • Relay Ombudsman Service can answer questions about general concerns or issues regarding your Relay experience. They can also provide you with informal and formal resources relevant to solving your issue. Click here for more information and to schedule time with the Relay Ombudsman Service.

Student Advisors

Please email [email protected] to contact your student advisor.  Include your name, location, and program, and we will assist you in contacting your advisor.  

Certification Support

Please select the link that is aligned with the state for which you are seeking certification.  

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