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Relay Offices: Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation
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Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation
The Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation is charged with developing policies and programs that enable all in our community to learn and contribute to the world. Our priorities are shaped by Relay’s mission:

Our mission is to ensure that all students are taught by outstanding educators.

Relay’s teacher programming is committed to excellent teaching and the personal and intellectual growth of its students in a diverse academic community. The Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation strives to support faculty and students by removing barriers to faculty and student success and ensuring that academic affairs and student affairs are working together to provide high-quality learning environments for our students. In addition, the Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation oversees all academic components of the program, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, advising, certification/licensure support, and referral services for students with disabilities.

The Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation provides accurate, up-to-date information to faculty and students regarding Relay degree requirements, course registration, state certification/licensure, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; works in partnership with Relay faculty, administration, and staff, as well as leaders from students’ placement PK–12 schools and organizations; and works with students to support their development in the classroom.

The provost of teacher preparation is responsible for providing visionary leadership for teaching and learning programs and is responsible for program evaluation and general academic policy development and implementation.

Vice Provost, Teacher Preparation 

The vice provost of teacher preparation is responsible for implementing the institution's strategic vision for teacher preparation. The vice provost of teacher preparation ensures the vitality and educational effectiveness of all present and future degree-granting and certification/licensure programs and curriculum, sets goals and objectives within the scope of teacher preparation aligned to Relay’s institutional strategic plan, and sets the vision for assessing and meeting the graduate and certification/licensure programmatic needs of Relay students. 

In addition to ensuring the success of academic programs, promoting exceptional teaching and learning at Relay, assessment of student learning and advancement of student success, academic personnel decisions, program and curriculum development, and the encouragement and improvement of all teacher preparation programs, the vice provost of teacher preparation provides strategic and operational leadership for all graduate and certification/licensure teacher preparation programs and faculty development. You can reach the Office of the Vice Provost of Teacher Preparation by emailing [email protected]

Vice Provost, Academic Compliance

The vice president of academic compliance serves the institution by providing leadership, guidance, communication, and collaboration in the realms of accreditation, assessment, state authorization and regulation, federal requirement compliance, and educator preparation certification oversight. The vice president of academic compliance is responsible for setting the strategic direction for and leading the institution’s academic compliance functions. The Academic Compliance team focuses on achieving and maintaining the institution’s higher education authorizations, educator preparation program provider approvals, certification/licensure compliance, institutional and programmatic accreditation, and quality assurance through assessment. The vice president of academic compliance and the Academic Compliance team members collaborate with all teams to ensure clear articulation of the ways the faculty members, staff, and leadership embody and achieve the institution's values, vision, mission, and strategic objectives.

Vice Provost, Research

The vice president of data and research provides insights into Relay’s impact on teacher and school leader preparation and facilitates a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that Relay provides high-quality preparation to teachers and school leaders. Through purposeful organization, robust analysis, and clear communication of data, the vice provost of research at Relay supports our institutional commitment to continuous improvement of our programs. This is accomplished by collecting critical data from students, faculty, staff, school leaders, alumni, and partners while also advancing research on teacher preparation through collaborative partnerships with research experts. 

Vice Provost, Student Affairs and Services

The vice president of student affairs and student services leads the Student Affairs and Student Services team. The vice president collaborates with faculty, staff, and students to create an environment that is safe, inclusive, and responsive to students’ needs with the goal of providing a meaningful experience for all Relay students and alumni. Specifically, the vice president oversees a variety of services, programs, and activities created to support and encourage the sociocultural, intellectual, and personal development of Relay’s students and alumni. You can reach the Student Affairs and Student Services team by emailing [email protected]

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