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5 - Georgia Instructional Roles, Partners, and Placement
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Securing a program-aligned instructional role is a requirement to enroll in Relay’s teacher programs. In Georgia, the following roles are program aligned:


Residency - Through the Relay Teaching Residency, talented and committed aspiring educators can launch a fulfilling career in teaching. The Residency provides a gradual on-ramp to teaching, as residents spend a full year embedded in the classroom of a Mentor Teacher, also known as a Resident Advisor, before leading their own classroom in the second year. Through the Residency, Relay students will learn from experienced faculty and a network of peers, while earning a salary, a master’s degree, and/or teacher licensure. Program-aligned job titles for the Residency include Teaching Resident, Co-Teacher, and Paraprofessionals.


Non-Residency - Relay offers non-residency programs that are designed to support educators in the field through graduate coursework and clinical experiences, with observation and feedback from Relay faculty with deep teaching experience. Through coursework, clinical experiences, and the support of Relay faculty and a school-based mentor teacher, Relay students will lead their own classrooms and develop the skills needed to help all children grow. Program-aligned job titles for the Non-Residency include Teacher of record/Lead teacher. 


Most of our partners are ready to hire now! Feel free to reach out to any of the schools listed below to inquire about open residency or non-residency positions.


MAT - Residents and Non-Residents

Have you secured a program-aligned instructional role at a school, district, or network that is not listed here?  


Email [email protected] for details and check out our New Partner Process here.


** If you are having trouble connecting with any partner school listed above, email [email protected] Please attach your resume to the email to share with partners.


Relay partners with Teach for America in Georgia.  Please click here to learn more about this partnership.



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