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3- Certification/Licensure Checklist
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Certification Prep List 

1. Learn about certification.

2. Identify your certification requirements.

3. Make a plan and budget for certification costs.

4. Create a study plan and schedule your exams.

5. Secure study guides and practice materials.


Read below for more details on each step to being prepared for certification.


What is Required to get Certified?


There are four main types of requirements for certification.

  1. Core and content knowledge requirements - You will show this knowledge through undergraduate credit hours, Relay credit hours, and state certification exams.

  2. The edTPA - This is an additional exam that some states require for certification.

  3. Workshops and other requirements - You may need to participate in workshops that cover topics such as preventing and responding to bullying, child abuse, and school violence.  States may also have minimum field experience hours or additional ethics assessments (like fingerprinting) that you’ll participate in.  Lastly, most states have a minimum undergraduate GPA requirement for admission.

  4. Clinical experience requirements - Most states require candidates to complete student teaching or teach as a teacher of record under the supervision of a qualified mentor to obtain a teaching license. Clinical experience requirements are completed in your teaching placement under the supervision of Relay faculty. In some states, you will need to hold a provisional license while completing this requirement.

The state’s education department sets these requirements and they can change year to year as new initiatives launch or laws pass.  As your teacher preparation program, Relay is here to ensure you know what you need to do to earn your certification in the state where you are teaching.  You can find the transition points for certification in your state on our location pages


Important Note

Certification vs. Licensure Some states require their teachers to be "certified" and other states require their teachers to be "licensed". When reading through the documents, remember that the terms can, and may, be used interchangeably. If you have any questions about your state or if you are seeking Certification or Licensure, your Certification Officer will be happy to assist. You can contact them by emailing at [email protected] 


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