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5 - Helpful Tips if You Plan to Relocate
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  • Plan your relocation timeline around your employment.  You should wait until you are employed to make the move and base your date to be in the new location on the date you'll start in-person responsibilities at your school.  A week prior to that start date should give you a good settle-in window.
  • Try to visit the city before you move there. 
  • Make sure you bring things that can connect you to home, stay in touch with old friends and family, but jump right into making new friends, especially ones through Relay!
  • Find a home or apartment close by to your school placement. Do your research about commuting and drive times. 
  • Try to room with someone who will be working at the same or a nearby school.  
  • Take time to explore the city. Find events and go to as many as you can! Say yes - even if your tired (to friends and outings). 
  • Have a savings account ready with at least 1-3 months of expenses - we don't get paid until mid-August; however class starts mid-July.

Looking to make your transition into your Relay program a smooth process?  Check out some of these tools that can be helpful in times of change and relocation.

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