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7 - General Certification/Licensure Study Resources
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At Relay, we believe in the power of practice. Great doctors, musicians, and athletes do it. As a future teacher, it’s important to practice. Here are a few resources to look into.


Mometrix e-Library

Mometric e-Library Orientation Video

Mometrix is a test preparation database that contains study guides and practice questions for a variety of examinations, including teacher preparation exams (PRAXIS, NYSTCE, ILTS, TExES, etc.), college admissions and placement exams (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, CLEP, etc.), and K-12 exams (PARCC, Regents, etc.). Relay students also have access to over 1,400 interactive flashcards! 


240 Orientation Video 

Relay will provide any enrolled or prospective teacher candidate FREE 60-day 240Tutoring program access if they are required to take an exam covered by 240Tutoring. 240Tutoring's online platform provides a wide range of teacher certification study materials including practice exams, study guides, video lessons, and flashcards to help candidates prepare for their exam. 

  • Aligned Certification Exams: Most GACE, ILTS, Praxis, and TExES exams 

    • 240Tutoring does not currently offer programs for NYSTCE exams

  • 240Tutoring also offers many free test prep videos you can watch on your own time aligned to the Praxis, GACE, ILTS, and TExES exams.

  •  Want to request a 60-day program invite? Complete this form.

    • Note: After 60 days, your program access will expire. If candidates would like to continue studying after their 60 days, they should email [email protected] to request a discount code for 240Tutoring ($25/month).

Other Free and Low Cost Study Resources Study & Test-Taking Tips

Licensure Exam Preparation at Relay

  • Vendor prep materials
  • Self-paced study resources
  • Study testing and tips


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