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Meet Our Team
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We’re so excited you’re here, and we look forward to meeting you and supporting you. Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know the team.


Annie Hoffman


I joined Relay in 2009 after teaching elementary school. I enjoy working with students, faculty members, and staff to support students on their teaching  journies, and I look forward to bringing that into my role as the  Registrar. I am committed to accuracy of student records and student access to information. I work with my teammates across workstreams to ensure an equitable and supportive experience during your time at Relay, and I’m excited to introduce you to our wonderful team in the Registrar’s Office! If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Amina Owens

Registrar Manager

I joined Relay in 2020. Think of me as your go-to support person for all things re-enrollment and/or transfer. If you have a specific question or concern about the process, I more than likely can help you, but if not, I can certainly direct you to the person who can. Additionally, I assist with general student registration, persistent absence monitoring, and am on the task force helping to implement the upcoming Student Information System.

I love traveling, cooking, sports, game nights, all things stock market, and developing programming for schools and nonprofit organizations. I came to Relay because our mission felt much more in alignment with my own purpose in life than previous places of employment. Fun Fact About Me: I have a fuchsia and cream electric guitar named Violet.

Amir Dif


Registrar Manager

I joined Relay in 2020. I support the Registrar’s Office in maintaining student records related to majors, jobs, enrollment, and other personal information. I also work on a variety of special projects I’m here to help with any questions you may have about these processes! In my time with Relay, I’ve enjoyed the many conversations I’ve had with students and staff, and love to find new ways to support them both.

I’m an avid NBA fan, as sad as the Knicks may make me. I also love to travel. A fun fact about me is that I’ve lived in four different countries throughout my life and speak three languages. English, Arabic, and Dutch!  

Caleb Guzman

Director of Student Success & Data

I joined Relay in 2019. As Relay continues to enhance student experience, my role has been split between the Registrar’s Office and the Student Information Systems (SIS) Integration team. In the Registrar’s Office, I provide student support by ensuring accurate student data and loan deferral reporting. 

I came to Relay with over 15 years of collective experience in higher education and continuing education. I am a huge advocate of education given many of my family members are educators and understand the importance of educating. I want to help students toward their academic goals and ensure they are on track toward their goals. Personally, I enjoy travelling around the world (experiencing new cultures, languages, food, people, etc.), swimming, and passing time with close friends and family. 

Josh Valdés

Director of Student Progress

I joined the team in 2019. I support students by confirming eligibility for program completion and graduation, processing requested changes to student record information, and assisting campuses with end-of-term student academic progress processing and reporting.

I got certified to scuba dive as part of a high school class and almost died as part of a training exercise. I have since been recertified though still avoid shipwrecks :)

Jessica Rone


Data Manager

Greetings!  I am a data manager in the Registrar’s Office, and I work to support accurate and efficient data reporting to all constituents.  I look forward to working with the team in the Registrar’s Office to ensure that they have the necessary data to help Relay GSE and our students achieve their goals.

As a former classroom teacher, school librarian, and administrator I am particularly proud to work at such an inclusive institution that is focused on effectively teaching teachers.  This will benefit our “grand students” for years to come, so I’m truly excited to work here!

In my free time I enjoy music, dancing and, of course, spending time with family and friends. 


Kim Harbin

Manager of Student Progress

I joined Relay in 2021. I support students, faculty, and staff through end of term and end of program processes, with special focus on student academic progress (SAP), program completion, and diploma distribution.

When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling, board games, camping, and attempting to propagate houseplants. 


Michelle Carty

Manager, Registrar

So nice to virtually meet you! My name is Michelle Carty and I am a Manager on the Regisrar Team. I have been at Relay since 2019. I believe in Relay’s mission and transitioned into a full-time staff member that always strives to keep our graduate students top of mind! My duties include but are not limited to student and staff support, processing exits, processing enrollment forms, coordinating team and cross-functional meetings. Let’s work together to create a better student experience! 

When I am not working, I enjoy traveling and listening to music. Visiting the Aquarium also brings me joy!

Nathaniel Hawthorne


Coordinator, Registrar’s Office

I first joined Relay back in late 2021 as a temporary employee, to support the HR department in their efforts to recruit teachers & staff for the upcoming new programs initiative. I've been with HR for a total of about 1 year, before switching to the Coordinator for the Registrar's Office. I've been with the Registrar's Office since October 2023, supporting students,  staff, & other institutions with their transcripts & enrollment verification letter needs. I'm here to ensure that student's records are accurate to reflect their time here at Relay, while providing excellent service in a timely manner. I enjoy communicating with students & staff to fulfill their requests, & I'm more than happy to help with any questions you may have about these processes.

Outside of work I have a strong passion for music. I started off making beats, then eventually I started writing songs. I've been recording & releasing since 2020 & it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I also love to travel & learn about other cultures. Fun fact: I'm big on conspiracy theories & I enjoy going down a rabbit hole to learn new ideas. I would read books, watch videos, & even do my own research online about any theory that sounds interesting.

Sharon Reyes-Rodriguez

Manager, Student Records

I joined Relay as a Registrar Manager in January 2020, where I support students by providing access to information and records, particularly through transcripts, enrollment verification letters, and communicating about Relay’s registration policies. Prior to Relay, I was an Administrative Supervisor at a non-profit organization running day-to-day operations, overseeing data and information management, and assisting with special events. I have been involved in the non-profit community since graduating with a M.A. in Communications and have enjoyed working with programs developed to serve individuals. My passion for education strengthened while I was a Program Associate working with inner-city high school students, helping them master college-level work and pass Advanced Placement exams. Outside of work life, you can find me enjoying food and wine, spending quality time with my husband, friends and family, entertained by an attention-grabbing series or a captivating read, jamming to some tunes, daydreaming about my next vacation, or just being out in the sun!

Tony Hill

Director, Registrar's Office

As a Relay alum, I eagerly support students by ensuring their correct courses are offered each term.  It is also my responsibility to ensure students are registered for the correct courses that are aligned to their program completion.  Overall, I am a team player and assist my team as well as cross-functional teams in making sure that students have the best possible student experience!  

I joined Relay as an Assistant Professor of Practice in July 2018.  I joined the Registrar’s Office in July 2020.  Overall, I am committed to Relay’s Core Values.  With over 15 years in the field, I am also truly committed to education.  

My hobbies include teaching, learning, traveling, spending time with family and friends, playing cards and board games, listening to great music, watching basketball, and simply laughing and enjoying nature! 

Tylisha Story

Manager, Registrar’s Office

Tylisha Story was born and raised in Queens Village, New York. Attended SUNY College At Old Westbury for my undergraduate studies with a degree in Mass Media Communications/American Studies. As a student at SUNY OW, I was a paraprofessional who worked for Residential Life, Student Activities and Student Affairs, I mentored new students, monitored dorm room facilities, published articles for the school newspaper and fought for social justice, even leading an on-campus march. While working full-time at SONY Music I earned my first Master’s (M.A.) in Media Studies with a certification in Media Management. After merging with a major conglomerate SONY downsized resulting in me losing my job and returning to Higher Education.

In August 2008, I started my professional journey at the City University of New York working at CUNY Admissions Processing Center for seven years. As an Enrollment Management Assistant, I processed and evaluated all incoming students’ applications, educational records and data files, which included domestic and international students. While working full-time I earned my second Master’s degree (M.S.) at Baruch College in Higher Education Administration. In 2014, I was moved to the Identity Management Team as a University Enrollment Coordinator to help manage/oversee the data integrity of all students. In July 2015, joined the Registrar Team at the Borough of Manhattan Community College as the Assistant Registrar until September 2018. In that role, I managed all communication in the office, enrollment verification, National Student Clearinghouse, and all in-person registration practices.

After joining BMCC’s first One-Stop as the Assistant Director (Registrar Lead), I continued to oversee all Registration practices (degree audit, residency, enrollment verification, in-person registration, etc). Due to the pandemic the One-Stop was debunked, and I started working as a Senior Academic Advisor. In that role, I provided personal and professional guidance to students about career/major choice(s). Additionally, I partnered with the Gates Foundation to lead the first peer mentoring program for BMCC, assisting over 250 students. In 2021, I relocated to South Carolina and worked at the College of Charleston as an Associate Registrar and in July 2022 began working as a Senior Associate Registrar at the Citadel overseeing all course/catalog management, and student registration practices. In December of 2022, I successfully completed the educational doctoral program at Northeastern University. 

Zaymira Gaspard



I will be your first point of contact for all things student support. Think of me as your generalist! I assist with the daily operations of the Registrar's Office and maintaining the accuracy of student records. 

I am very passionate about access and empowerment for underserved youth. Outside of work, you'll find me reading books on race and equity in education, binge-watching a new Netflix series or rewatching a Marvel movie for the 100th time!



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