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Canvas Course Navigation
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The resources and videos on this page are meant to give you an introduction to navigating your courses and course features.  This activity covers navigating your canvas courses, including how to access and submit assignments, view the course syllabus, and review instructor feedback from your graded assignments.  Please review the orientation videos within this module to ensure your success on Canvas and at Relay!


After completing this activity, you will be able to:

  • Navigate course Home Page

  • View course syllabus

  • Access course Modules

  • Review course Grades

  • Access and upload Assignments

  • View and submit Quizzes

Courses Orientation


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Additional Learning Resources 

To learn more about Canvas, review the comprehensive Student Guides for the web, phone and tablet interfaces. You can also visit the Canvas Community forums to engage with other Canvas users, ask questions, and learn from the shared knowledge online.



If you need support, let us know!

  • For Canvas technical questions: Click on the Help (?) or Support buttons on the bottom left-hand corner for all Help options. Relay Canvas provides 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. Also, check that you have the correct technical requirements to ensure you can access Canvas successfully.

  • For Relay questions: such as when do I pay tuition, or, how can I request a major change, please visit the official Relay Support website: 

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