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Program Dismissal
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Students who do not meet Relay’s academic expectations may be dismissed from their program for the following reasons:


If students are in danger of program dismissal, Relay may contact their sponsoring organizations and/or teacher preparation program membership to notify them and enlist their help in supporting students.


In the event of a program dismissal, a representative from the Registrar’s Office will notify students via email. Student Financial Services will contact students about how to pay any outstanding Relay tuition and fees. If dismissed, students have the right to appeal the decision by completing an academic appeal form. Relay’s Academic Review Board will review the appeal and determine if the appeal is approved or denied. The decision from the Academic Review Board is final. If the appeal is denied, program-dismissal procedures will continue, and the student will be dismissed.

If students are dismissed, it is the students’ responsibility to notify their schools (and if applicable, their teacher preparation program membership, such as Teach For America or New York City Teaching Fellows) of their dismissal from Relay. If a student seeks to return to Relay in a non-consecutive term following dismissal, they will need to submit a reenrollment application to Relay and be extended an offer of readmission in order to resume coursework.

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