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Academic Progress: Academic Probation and Program Dismissal Policy
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At the end of each academic term, Relay reviews students’ academic standing. If a student’s term grades do not reflect good academic standing, the student is placed on academic probation for the subsequent term or is academically dismissed (as detailed in Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress). Students who are on academic probation for two consecutive terms will result in program dismissal from Relay.  


If placed on probation, students are required to meet with their advisor(s) and faculty in order to develop a written academic plan for returning to good academic standing. 

  • All students except those enrolled in Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, and Year One students in Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania should complete this plan
  • Students in Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas and Year One students in Delaware, Georgia, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania should use this Academic Planning Template

While all students are expected to attend every class and participate in substantive academic activity, complete all assessments by given deadlines, and attend initial and follow-up meetings with advisors and faculty members, it is especially important for students on probation to meet these expectations and return to good academic standing. The Office of the Provost of Teacher Preparation may notify a school leader (or appropriate program leader) if a student who is on probation is not on track to return to good academic standing by the midpoint of their probationary term.


As noted above, any enrolled student who is on academic probation and whose academic progress falls below the standard for satisfactory academic progress for a second consecutive term (as detailed in Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress) will face program dismissal. 


Once dismissed, students can appeal the dismissal by submitting an academic appeal form to the Academic Review Board. The Academic Review Board will review the appeal and make a final decision. If the appeal is denied, program-dismissal procedures will continue, and students will be dismissed. Students may be eligible to reenroll in a future term after being dismissed. Each reenrollment application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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