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4b - Teach for America
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Relay Graduate School of Education has a national partnership with Teach Form America (TFA), a non-profit teacher recruiting, leadership development, and teacher preparation pathway organization. Teach For America recruits outstanding and diverse leaders to become TFA “corps members.” Corps members commit to teaching for two years in a low-income community, where they’re employed by local schools and confront both the challenges and joys of expanding opportunities for kids. After two years, they become part of the TFA alumni network. Informed and inspired by their students, many continue teaching; others pursue other leadership roles in schools and school systems or launch careers in other fields that shape educational access and opportunity. 


If you are interested in becoming a TFA Corps Member, visit the TFA website to learn more about the application process. 



Relay Graduate School of Education and Teach For America share a vision for outstanding educators in schools across the country. To that end, Relay and TFA have been working together to prepare teachers for several years in many of our locations.  TFA corps members enroll in Relay’s programs to seek their certification/licensure as well as degrees to further their commitment to education and making a difference in their communities.


Program Offerings and State-Specific Information

TFA Corps Members will enroll in different program offerings based on the location where they are teaching and the outcomes they are seeking - a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, alternative certification, or both.  See the list below for recommended program offerings and other details by state.  TFA Corps Members are non-residents unless otherwise noted. 



  • TFA corps members enroll in MAT + Licensure or Alternative Licensure program offerings.

  • TFA Launch Fellows can participate in the Relay Teaching Residency and seek MAT + Licensure.

  • TFA - Colorado is across the state, mostly located in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs.

  • Denver corps members enrolled in Relay have previously been placed in DSST, KIPP Colorado, and Pueblo 60 School District.

  • We strongly encourage corps members to talk with and use school leaders as a resource when deciding where to enroll for licensure to ensure they make a fully informed decision incorporating their school leader’s perspective.


  • TFA corps members enroll in MAT Only, MAT + Certification, and Certification Only program offerings.

  • TFA - Connecticut is located in Bridgeport and New Haven.

  • Corps members are placed at Achievement First and Bridgeport Public Schools.


  • TFA corps members enroll in the MAT-only program offering.  If they are already certified, we recommend the Advanced Certificate in Special Education.

  • Relay partners with TFA - Metro Atlanta.

  • TFA corps members are placed in Atlanta Public Schools and Clayton County Schools.


  • TFA corps members enroll in the MAT + Licensure program offering.

  • Relay partners with TFA - Chicago.

  • TFA corps members are placed in Chicago Public Schools, Noble Schools, and LEARN Charter School Network.

New Jersey

Details coming soon!


New York

  • TFA corps members enroll in MAT + Certification programs, including dual certification with Special Education program offerings.

  • Relay partners with TFA - New York City.

  • TFA corps members are placed in both public charter schools and the NYC Department of Education traditional school district.


Details coming soon!



  • TFA corps members enroll in MAT + Licensure or Alternative Licensure program offerings.

  • If hired as an associate teacher, corps members can participate in the Relay Teaching Residency and seek MAT + Licensure.

  • Relay partners with TFA - Nashville-Chattanooga.

  • Depending on where corps members are hired to teach, they may have multiple options for licensure and should choose the program that best fits their needs.  They should talk to their TFA team to learn more about school preferences and discuss their choices with their school leader.


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