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Admissions Process

In order to apply for Relay's teacher programs, prospective students must secure a program-aligned instructional role or, where applicable, secure an intent-to-hire commitment. Once hired or intent to hire has been communicated, our partner schools will share applicant information with Relay to start the admissions process. Applicants can also learn more about our programs and request a unique link to apply directly by submitting an interest form and connecting with our Prospective Student Advising team via email at [email protected] 

Anthology Portfolio 

Anthology Portfolio is an assessment, accreditation, and certification/licensure tracking tool that enables Relay students, faculty, staff, and partners to document and view progress toward educator preparation program (EPP) completion and certification/licensure. The tool collects student data and artifacts, assessed at designated transition points. The tool also collects data on student performance on key assessments and allows faculty and staff to draw insights from this data about program effectiveness and plan for student support. Anthology Portfolio supports collaboration between Relay, students, and partners to ensure that candidates for certification/licensure have positive, supportive, and aligned clinical experiences.


  • Applicable to all students in Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas and Year One students in Delaware, Georgia, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania enrolling in 2023-2024 visit
  • Applicable to second-year or continuing students in Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC visit

Canvas is Relay’s learning-management system and serves as the central access point for students to find important due dates, complete asynchronous online coursework, upload assessments, track progress, view instructor feedback on completed assessments, communicate with instructors, and collaborate with peers. Canvas support is available to students 24 hours a day, seven days per week, via phone, email, and chat. Students can access Canvas chat support and the Canvas Community forums through the Help(?) icon located on the blue global navigation sidebar in Canvas, or they can call the Canvas student support phone line: (844) 653-1472.

Certification/Licensure Resources

Relay offers several test preparation resources for students pursuing certification or licensure. These include free access to the Mometrix e-Library, which includes study guides, flash cards, practice tests, and more aligned to teacher certification/licensure exams within their "Teaching" section, as well as several online synchronous workshop offerings outlined in our yearly workshop catalog. Students are also encouraged to explore external resources such as Khan Academy or 240Tutoring programs, which offer resources at a low or no cost. Students may reach out to their advisor or certification officer for additional questions and guidance related to state- and/or program-specific certification/licensure resources.

Learning and Resource Center

The Relay Learning and Resource Center is open and available for graduate students to sign up for virtual tutoring sessions with Relay Alumni. Graduate students can work with our tutors to get feedback, guidance, and support on completing their Master's Defense Data Narratives, Capstones, and/or EdTPA submissions. Are you interested in using the Learning and Resource Center's Services? Sign up by going here.

Relay Connect

Relay Connect is Relay’s members-only online portal where the staff, students, and alumni of Relay’s programs virtually meet and share information. It hosts a jobs board, event postings, news updates, and a weekly newsletter. All members of the Relay community are welcome to join the platform and engage with one another.

Relay Library 

Relay primarily employs an electronic and digital approach to providing library and information resources to students and faculty. The majority of Relay Library materials are available in an online or electronic format, accessible through the library catalog. These resources include electronic books (e-books), videos, curriculum resources, and subscriptions to prominent education journals offered through database providers such as EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, and Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). Relay provides these content subscriptions for use by current Relay students, faculty, and staff. Username and password information is to be kept confidential, and material-access privileges may not be shared. Relay Library also participates in a national interlibrary loan service that allows students and faculty to request articles not owned by Relay Library from other institutions.


Relay Library maintains a core collection of books, periodicals, and other print resources at its central office in New York City for use in coursework and research. Smaller collections are also available at the Relay offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas–Fort Worth, Delaware, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Newark, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Camden, San Antonio, and Washington, DC. These materials are listed on the Relay online library catalog so that students and faculty may locate and browse physical materials held in the library.

Relay is also a member of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), a consortium of over 250 public and private libraries throughout New York City and Westchester County. Students and faculty thereby have the opportunity to use the print and electronic resources of New York City’s finest reference and research libraries. Please email [email protected] to request a guest pass to any of the participating METRO locations.


For guidance using these materials, and for other library questions, students from Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas should reference their EDU-500 course in Canvas and all other students should reference the Canvas, LIB-101: Introduction to the Relay Library. Students may also email [email protected] with feedback or questions.  

Relay Website

The Relay website provides information on all aspects of Relay, including the organization’s history, approach, and programs. While the website provides logistical information such as the application process, students can also visit the website to read the Relay blog as well as articles and news coverage featuring Relay’s students, staff, and alumni.

Student Assistance Program

Relay offers a Student Assistance Program to all enrolled students, including conditionally admitted students and students enrolled in nondegree programs.

Included in the program is access to mental health resources, health and wellness resources, financial planning support, and legal guidance. In addition to providing students with access to counseling services via telephone, the program also offers students referrals to local counselors and the ability to participate in up to three free in-person counseling sessions per year. The program also provides students with access to legal and financial services, child and dependent care resources, information on health and wellness, and more. All materials can be accessed either through the WorkLifeMatters website or by speaking with a WorkLifeMatters counselor at 800-386-7055.


To access resources on the website, please use the following password: wlm70101If you have questions or need more information, please email [email protected].

[email protected]

[email protected] is the email address where students can reach out for nonacademic student support requests. Please note, requests are processed Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

Support Center

Relay maintains a robust collection of information and resources for students, staff, and the public on the Support Center. This collection allows individuals to self-serve answers when they need them. Support Center is accessible via Relay’s website 24 hours a day, seven days per week. When signed in through Relay’s MyApps, students and staff have access to support articles not available to the public.

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