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Relay Offices: Teams
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There are several key teams that work together to provide an exemplary student experience through individualized support and resources to prospective and enrolled Relay students and alumni: Admissions, Advisement, Alumni Affairs, AmeriCorps Residency Programs, Certification Office, Instructional Operations, Prospective Student Advising, Registrar’s Office, Student Affairs, Student Financial Services, Student Support, and Technology. Below is specific information about each team:


The Admissions team manages, maintains, and processes all aspects of the admissions process at Relay. The team’s responsibilities include the development of admissions policies and criteria, managing the review of applications at the local and national level, reviewing incoming applications and transcripts, supporting applicants through their admissions process, and maintaining admissions student records.


Enrolled students at Relay are assigned to an advisor who supports navigating all aspects of their program of study at Relay included in this handbook. Advisors meet and correspond with students through office hours, phone, text, and email. Students who are unsure of the advisor to whom they are assigned or how to contact the advisor should reach out to [email protected].

Alumni Affairs

The Alumni Affairs team aims to support Relay’s alumni network professionally, grow intellectually, engage socially, and give back to Relay’s many communities. The team connects alumni worldwide with the Relay nation and provides alumni with various opportunities to share their input (e.g., Alumni and Student Advisory Council, Relay Connect, and Alumni Survey) and expertise (e.g., the Writing Center, Kappa Delta Pi) with the faculty/staff and currently enrolled students.

AmeriCorps Residency Programs

In order to provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost, Relay partners with AmeriCorps to help lower the out-of-pocket tuition costs for students enrolled in our Residency program. Relay’s AmeriCorps team oversees the administration of the AmeriCorps' state and national grant program. Additionally, the team supports program leaders in the implementation of grant requirements.  

Certification Office

The Certification Office manages systems for collecting, maintaining, and verifying evidence of certification/licensure candidate progress toward educator preparation program completion and certification/licensure and collects and maintains student documentation for the verification of requirements. Key responsibilities of the Certification Office include: establishing educator preparation program policies in compliance with state regulations governing certification/licensure; monitoring, documenting, and communicating student progress toward certification/licensure; verifying educator preparation program completion; and issuing institutional recommendations for certification/licensure.

Instructional Operations

The Instructional Operations team is responsible for cross-functional coordination and communication in support of a positive student experience at Relay. Members of the Instructional Operations team engage with departments across the institution to ensure alignment, efficiency, and continual improvement of processes and systems. This team also directly supports faculty in all non-instructional aspects of their responsibilities.

Prospective Student Advising 

Prospective Student Advising (PSA) provides a standardized, structured, streamlined, seamless, and supportive experience to all prospective students prior to their program start. The PSA model is centered around prospective student advising and is proactive, differentiated, and culturally responsive to our incoming student needs. As a result of this experience, prospective students are informed, excited, engaged, and prepared for their Relay programs. PSA supports prospective students to and through their application and admissions experience.

Registrar’s Office 

The Registrar’s Office manages student registration, changes to enrollment (e.g., withdrawals and leaves of absence), reenrollment, transfers, student benefits and reporting (e.g., loan deferment), Relay transcripts and enrollment letters, student academic progress (SAP), and program-completion operations (e.g., diplomas and degree audits). In addition, the Registrar’s Office manages academic records and enrollment and academic policies.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs and Student Services team focuses efforts on creating safe, inclusive, and meaningful experiences for all Relay students and alumni. Through a variety of services, programs, and activities, the Student Affairs and Student Services team at Relay supports and encourages the sociocultural, intellectual, and personal development of our students and alumni. With the support of this team, students have the opportunity to apply for and receive academic support under ADA/IDEA, engage in professional activities, connect with professional resources, and access advocacy. You can reach the Student Affairs and Student Services team at [email protected]

Student Financial Services

The Student Financial Services (SFS) team provides students with information, financing, and services needed to pay for their Relay education. SFS provides support with student accounts, including the billing and collection of tuition and fees, and provides counseling regarding payment options. assists in answering questions regarding refunds from student accounts as needed and is responsible for disbursing and administering scholarship funds. Finally, SFS administers federal Title IV funds, including direct unsubsidized loans and TEACH grants, for eligible students who require federal financial aid to pay for their tuition and fees at Relay. Students may access their student accounts and pay their outstanding balances on Nelnet, Relay’s online, secure student-payment portal. 

Student Support

The student support team develops and maintains information on the Relay Support Center as well as manages all incoming communications to Relay support addresses, primarily [email protected]. The team works to ensure all students, staff, and interested parties have access to relevant information to self-serve answers. When those answers cannot be located or additional information or help is required, the support team is able to assist with getting answers or connecting people to subject matter experts for additional help.


The Technology team is responsible for providing and supporting staff and student online applications and platforms that are integrated, secure, and easily accessible. They work to maximize industry leading technology that furthers the needs and priorities of the institution through leadership and innovation in information technology planning, implementing efficient and scalable solutions, acquiring or developing and deploying information technology products, and delivering responsive information technology support services. For a list of hardware and software requirements, please see Technology Requirements.

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