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Educator Preparation Program Completion
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Certification/licensure-seeking students in a Relay MAT, Advanced Certificate, or non-degree certification/licensure program must meet standards for satisfactory academic progress as well as all state- and program-specific certification/licensure program completion requirements, which may include testing and qualifying clinical experience, in order to be considered an educator preparation program completer. State- and program-specific information on educator preparation program completion requirements are detailed in the program’s Transition Points Guide and corresponding EPP Handbook.


Students are encouraged to apply for certification/licensure in their state as soon as they are eligible following EPP completion. State agencies set requirements for certification/licensure and will make determinations related to issuing or denying applications for certification/licensure. State rules and regulations are subject to change, and failure to apply for certification/licensure in a timely manner may result in additional state requirements that must be met to obtain certification/licensure.

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