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Retaking Coursework
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Students who do not earn the minimum score to meet program completion requirements are required to retake the course in a future term to complete their program. Students may also choose to retake a course in order to boost their GPA. Students who retake courses are not always guaranteed to complete the program on time and will have to pay for repeat courses. In order to continue eligibility for receiving federal financial aid, where available, students must be on track to graduate within 150% of the normal time frame for the program (e.g., within three years for a two-year program). 


Students who retake a course must discuss the option with their advisor. The highest earned grade of a retaken course will be included in the student’s weighted cumulative GPA and academic progress (for financial aid). 


Please keep in mind that retaking coursework may impact licensure, financial aid eligibility, employment, and program completion timeline.


Further policy clarification:

  • Courses that are “Pass/Fail” by design are not affected by this policy as “Pass/Fail” grades do not calculate into students’ cumulative GPA. As a result, “Pass/Fail” grades can be retaken as their cumulative GPA will not be affected.

  • If students retake a course in which they earned an “F” and withdraw (“W”), the original grade remains for grade point average calculations toward credits attempted and credits earned.

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