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General Leave of Absence
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Students who are actively enrolled (i.e., have started attending classes) and determine that it is not possible or in their best interest to complete the coursework in which they are currently registered can request to take a leave of absence from the program. This includes students who are taking a leave of absence due to compelling personal circumstances. Students who wish to remain enrolled and are struggling should reach out to their advisor for possible alternatives/supports before requesting a leave of absence. Students are still enrolled students at Relay, with corresponding academic, financial, and administrative responsibilities, until the leave of absence is processed and they receive email verification of the leave of absence.

Students at risk of administrative withdrawal due to financial obligations may not request a general leave of absence between terms. However, students may request a general leave of absence up until the last day of the current term. Any requests submitted after the end of term, but prior to the start of the subsequent term, will be reviewed for a Registration Hold due to an outstanding balance. If a student has a Registration Hold due to financial obligations that results in an administrative withdrawal, the requested leave of absence will be superseded by the administrative withdrawal.

A leave of absence is valid for up to one year (three consecutive terms). Please refer to the Reenrolling or Transferring Programs policy for details on when to apply to return from a leave of absence. Relay will permanently administratively withdraw students who have taken a leave of absence from the program  if they do not return within one year (i.e., three terms). For students enrolled in an educator preparation program, a leave of absence and/or withdrawal may result in immediate suspension or revocation of a teaching certificate/license in most states. Additional details can be found in the appropriate EPP Handbook, and students may sign up for office hours here

Please note: Students may not be exempt from student loan repayments under this policy. Relay encourages students to contact their loan providers to understand the implications associated with taking a leave. Additionally, students should note that a leave of absence will be treated as a withdrawal for the purposes of Title IV federal financial aid. This may require students who have taken a leave of absence to return a portion of unearned federal loans or grants. For more information about the return of Title IV funds, please see Return of Title IV

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