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Prerequisite Courses
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Some Relay coursework is sequential—the content intentionally builds in complexity across the program and coursework must be taken in the order it is offered. To ensure that students are set up for success in this coursework, there are prerequisite courses built into the program. If students do not pass a prerequisite course, they may not be eligible to complete the program within the defined program length. Failing a prerequisite course may delay progression toward satisfying requirements for certification/licensure in their state. If a student is held from registering for a course due to a missing prerequisite course, the student is responsible for any tuition associated with completing coursework.


Prerequisite courses include:


  • One of the following: CLIN-523, CLIN-531, or CLIN-533 is a prerequisite for EDU-510

And more information regarding Retaking Courses can be found in the Retaking Coursework policy.

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