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At Relay Graduate School of Education (Relay), we believe that becoming a great teacher or school leader is much like becoming a great musician or doctor. It takes continuous practice, feedback, and dedication. We give Relay students unparalleled opportunities—not only to learn the techniques that will make them more effective but also to practice them with faculty and peers. The feedback they receive helps them refine their practice until they’re ready to perform with confidence in the classroom. Students emerge with the skills needed to embark on careers as transformational educators and prepared to impact thousands of children.

Our approach begins with a curriculum rooted in pedagogical theory and grounded in evidence of what works best in schools. Our programs emphasize the specific teaching and instructional-leadership skills and mindsets that have the greatest impact.

Our faculty are experienced PK–12 educators, who understand the on-the-ground realities of teaching. They are teachers and school leaders who've enabled thousands of students to achieve exceptional academic growth within safe, caring, and inclusive schools. These passionate educators are driven by a desire to transform the lives of children. They share a deep commitment to bring out the best in their fellow teachers and principals. 

Relay’s mission is to ensure that all students are taught by excellent educators with a vision to build a more just world where every student has access to outstanding educators and a clear path to a fulfilling life.

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