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Continuous Improvement
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Relay’s commitment to its culture of assessment, data-driven decision-making, and continuous improvement is woven throughout Relay’s academic, operational, and shared governance structures. Relay’s shared governance structure includes involvement by members of Relay’s Board of Trustees, faculty, students, departmental leadership, and other relevant stakeholders of Relay’s programs and policies. 

A key focus of Relay’s continuous improvement efforts is to assess graduate student satisfaction and outcomes in conjunction with data evaluation insights to inform continuous improvement and quality assurance initiatives and efforts. Quality assurance activities utilize descriptive analyses and reporting, Power BI data dashboards, content analysis of open-ended survey questions, and multivariate statistical models estimating the effect of the program on PK–12 learner outcomes for data analysis. Relay collects assessment data at regular intervals and uses the data to inform improvements in faculty instruction, curriculum, and student support. The analysis of assessment data by program, course, and student demographic information allows for the Relay faculty, leadership, and core constituencies to systematically identify and implement data-driven improvements to the student experience, curriculum, and student success resources.

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